Crystal Therapy

Hands Holding Crystals for Crystal Therapy

Anyone who has heard anything about alternative medicine has probably seen some sort of reference to crystal therapy. So-called “new age hippies” are frequently depicted with enormous, spiky crystals in their homes or wearing crystal pendants, often rather derisively, and the whole notion of crystal therapy is dismissed as what my father would call “soft.” Crystal therapy is currently classified as a pseudoscience; there is a lack of peer-reviewed evidence about the effects of the therapy treatments and about most alternative medicine.

The Debate

Crystal Therapy - Quartz Crystal

Once you get into the debate about the proposed health benefits of Crystal Therapy, you see that there are your proponents of alternative medicine who are the true believers, your skeptics who think it’s all a bunch of froofy witchcraft, and the people in the middle who truly, madly, deeply do not care. But there are also the people who are vaguely curious and/or know little to nothing about crystal therapy and other forms of alternative medicine. If you’re one of these, this is the site for you.

Using Quartz

Crystal Therapy Quartz Necklace

Yet, people still buy rose quartz pendants for love. There are still those who take big room pieces of quartz through energy cleansing before placing the sculptures, crystal formations, and other crystal products at prescribed corners of their home in the hopes that it will optimize energy flow in their homes, similar to and in some cases related to the ancient Chinese art of Feng shui. Quartz has been used for many things since the early days of civilization; certain accounts of the High Priest’s breastplate at Solomon’s Temple describe one of the stones as a Quartz crystal, quartz is used in modern watches and jewelry.

My Purpose

Crystal Therapy - Quartz Crystals

Don’t know much about crystal therapy, particularly within its broader context? You are far from alone. It’s hard to learn much about the foundations of crystal therapy with each side practically screaming at you from books and the Internet. With this website, I will attempt to provide a balanced view of the issue from both sides of the debate, without advocating either crystals or skepticism. I’ll recommend further reading, as well as common crystal products if you decide you wish to dabble.

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